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Villa Alba Museum, Melbourne

Today I visited the Villa Alba Museum in Kew Melbourne.   Such a gracious old building now undergoing repairs.  One of the great features is the fact that many of the walls had large paintings on them,  painted directly on the wall.  Unfortunately at some stage an owner of the building painted over all of them.  Now restoration is underway a painstaking process as the old paint has to be carefully removed so as to preserve the old works underneath.  This work along with restoration of the structure from cracks etc means that it will be some time before the building is back to its old glory.  


So if you are in Melbourne on the first Sunday of a month then take the time to visit and see what it has to offer. In the mean time here are a few photographs from the day.




Alba-1 Alba-2 Alba-Hall-LRAlba-3


Wide Field astrophotography

Been away on holidays and I took with me my Astrotrac to try to get some Wide Field Astrophotography shots.  As luck would have it the first night at Parkes in New South Wales the moon was the predominant feature in the sky.

Now Parkes has a very nice radio telescope which makes for a great backdrop for wide field photos.  So I ventured out with the vain hope that I could get a reasonable shot.  No such luck. The moon was out and nearly full  and there was some cloud around.  Still I took one shot of the radio telescope with the moon and clouds, which I quite like.



Then the next night was at Coonabarabran where there are a number of optical scopes one being near 4 metres.  Again it was a full moon night and the moon was up early so no nice shots at all, very frustrating.


Finally on the way home we stopped at Forbes, about 30kms south of Parkes.  That night despite having driven 600kms I thought I would try one more time for a wide field shot.  After setting up and waiting for night fall I finally got  a reasonable image.  This was taken in the town of Forbes and there is some flare from the town lights.  The trees are well lit because of lights in the caravan park.  The red streak top  middle is from an aircraft.



Then my son joined me and we took a few more.  After a while we decided that it was worth while driving to the radio telescope at Parkes, mainly because it is a dark spot 21kms away from town lights.  Now the stars were spectacular, no light flare, this is the result.


Hope you like this capture of our milky way,  the galaxy we reside in.