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It has been a while since I posted on this blog.  However due to a careless driver going through a give-way sign and hitting the front of my car I have been walking a great deal and taking few photographs..

Enough of my complaints, yesterday I ventured out with a small group to grab a few shots of a new development area here in Melbourne.  The area is nicely fronted with water so as the evening wears on one is presented with lights and reflections.


The results are these shots.  I did try for a larger panorama using a 200mm telephoto, however I had packed a lightweight tripod so between shots was much greater in time than I really wanted.  The result of course is different sky exposures which makes for a very poor panorama.  Still I managed to get three  really nice shots from the day.  Hope you enjoy them.






Yesterday another photographer and I went to a site, Tenby Point, , that we had both been at before.  It was hot and still and just a little bit humid with a bit of a walk across a rough stony beach, if one could call a metre wide sand patch a beach.  The object of our desire was a tree with a large log pointing to it, which when the tide comes in makes for a very nice photographic topic.


So we set up and did the usual long exposure work and the results were ok.  Then we left and went to a nearby beach on the southern ocean.  That was better temperature wise with nice large waves breaking over rocks etc.  Spent a bit  of time there and then as the evening wore on and we were not happy with the size of the waves and  the spray we decided to go get some dinner and then return to Tenby Point, not expecting much as cloud was starting to move in.

To our delight on arrival the tide level was great and the sky had enough blue and cloud to make it interesting, moreover the moon was out and in the right place.  So it was all action with torches, long exposures and light painting of the tree.  It is never easy to get the focus right in the dark especially when using a torch to light the subject for focus, just not bright enough so a number of shots ended up out of focus.  However there are a few keepers from the night.


Out of all of the 200 shots I took over the day I have about 12-15 that are worth progressing, something of a rarity for me as I usually find that I only get one or two good images.


Now enough of the waffle, here is my favourite image from last night I hope you enjoy it.




Did you look around

I read somewhere recently, and I can’t remember who wrote so my apologies to the original author, that it pays to take three shots each different at a location as that forces one to think about camera position etc.


Recently I was down at one of my favourite areas looking for a nice wave to break over the jetty.  Whilst wandering around I happened to look underneath the main construction.  Now what I saw was nothing spectacular, however there were some nice lines and different  shapes and materials as well as a nice light. So I took the following shot: oh and the thing at the top right which looks a bit like a snake is not its a piece of rope coiled up.



Whats that got to do with taking three shots from different positions, well mostly its about looking around an area for those extra shots especially if you go there more than once.

Do hope you enjoy this and if you should desire it to fill in a space on your wall drop me a line and we can talk about how that might happen.  Typically for a one metre on the long side it will cost $400 AU shipped to you.  A canvas print is production and shipping plus 30%.

Iconic Melbourne location

If you never been to Princes Pier then this is what you have missed.  However one does need to do long exposure for this scene to work.  It also helps if you are lucky enough to get a really good sunset.  So far I haven’t, every time its been a fail for sunset.  Still I hope you enjoy this shot. If you want it on your wall then contact me about the size you want and we can work out the price including shipping.  Typically for a 40 inch on the long side I ask for $400 AU.