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A trip to Beech Forest Victoria

A few days ago a Friend and I went for a two hour drive to Beech Forest, a small town found in the Otway Ranges of Victoria.  Along the way if one goes via the inland route and not the Great Ocean Road one eventually will turn off a drive through a National park. The park is home to a rainforest which has trees like this.


I would love to find a grove of these trees but its unlikely as the geography is all steep slopes and hills with almost no access of the one road.


Continuing along the only road one eventually gets to Beech Forest.  One of the first attractions is an old Fordson tractor and if you are not looking it is east to miss.  This time I decided to take a six shot panorama of the tractor, more for the practise than anything else but I did like the result.




=Then its on to the Redwood Forest found a few kilometres along a dirt road.  The trees and area is beautiful and oh so very peaceful.  I tried a vertarama, a vertical panorama, which ended up looking like this.


Redwoods pano


Finally we went to Erskin Falls, we were really planning to go to the lower Kalimna Falls but traffic on the great ocean road delayed us to much.  Anyway again a panorama or vertarama of the falls.


Then it was homeward bound and a much needed sleep.  Hope you like the photos.




Making the most of it

On a recent trip to Adelaide in South Australia on which most of my time was spent catching up with family and friends I found one evening where there was a  window of opportunity to take a walk with the camera in hand.


Whilst walking around the new development over the rail way tracks in the CBD there were a few very nice architectural shots however much of the access was restricted due to building works still underway. As part of this development the Adelaide oval has been re-developed along with a new footbridge over the Torrens.  As evening developed the sweep of the bridge and the lights made for the best scene of the day.  Now it lacks the grandeur of other cities with soaring buildings and spectacular lights but all the same it was still worth dropping the camera down on a small ledge by the waters edge and doing the long exposure over the water.


The reverse image I haven’t tried due to the extensive building work going on but I am sure that come middle of the year when we are back in Adelaide and most of the works are finished the view into the CBD at dusk may well be a beautiful shot.


Hope you like this and I am looking forward to the opportunity to do the reverse shot looking at the CBD.


An old tree

On New Years Eve my wife and I went for a drive around Port Phillip bay.   On the return we stopped to go for a walk along the Foreshore to the Southern Ocean.  More for the scenery than the exercise but the exercise was good all the same.  Whilst driving in to the Park I noticed this tree and was quite taken with its twisted shape.  Needless to say on the way out I stopped to take a few photos of the tree.

This is the result. Hope you like it.


Street from Madrid

A few years ago we went for a European holiday.  Obviously much of my photography was around recording the holiday scenes that we encountered.  Mostly they were snaps as time to find the light of dawn or dusk and location was limited.  However occasionally I came across a street scene that was worth capturing.


This is a night time shot in one of the streets near old Madrid not far from where we were staying.  I quite liked the mother and son playing ball and the other couple watching.  What I don’t know of course, was the boy pushing the shopping trolley part of the family playing or the son of the couple talking?  Even so it still talks about how families play and work together and raises the question of why was the smallest child doing the work.





A lone walk

Last Friday I went for a street photography session by myself, which is unusual as I often go with a few others that are members of the Australian Association of Street Photographers inc of which I am the President.


Sometimes when alone finding a new location is more difficult as like most people I am a creature of habits, no not those.  Which means that I usually traffic the same locations, Friday was no exception.  Whilst I started out walking a few new streets I didn’t spot much except for a group of people staring into a xmas display at one of the major retailers.  One of  those shots is ok but you are not going to see it today.  Instead I am going for a street story that is minus people.  Often there is a story or a comment about  society to be found in the way people leave their items, in this case transport.  Certainly it was not intentional of the people that own the two items of interest in this photo.  However there is  a story here.  Hope you enjoy it and if you would like it on your wall drop me a line.


Finding a parking space

Cities these days are often car oriented to such a degree that the intrepid cyclist is forced to be innovative with storing their bike whilst doing their daily work.  In this scene someone secures their bike in a very prominent position.  I like it, that approval to park where many would think inappropriate, the flexibility of the complex management , realising that during the building planning phase no one thought to provide for the cyclist.


Or maybe the cyclist has hit upon the fact that once its there then everyone assumes its been approved as a bike storage point.



Modes of transport

While this really falls into the street photography category I like to think of it as a study in transport more akin to more sedate times.  Certainly walking or riding a bicycle is a gentler and more sedate means of getting around. It is also much less stressful than driving a car in a busy city.


Enjoy and if you like reflecting on easy transport modes and want to hang this on your wall do drop me a line.