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A view from a hill

Yesterday went with a number of other photographers to an area near Kilcunda, a costal town in Victoria Australia.  The group organiser had found a great vantage point overlooking Western Port Bay.  After a brief interlude whilst a thunderstorm passed overhead we proceeded to the vantage point, only to find that the storm had not passed completely.  So it was a case of standing in rain whilst trying to get a shot of the sunsetting over Western Port bay.


These are two of the shots I managed before it became to uncomfortable to stay.




So often the seas are rough and unruly. To find an ocean that is at peace with a soft pastel sunset is rare especially in the southern oceans of the world.  More often disturbed by the low pressure systems that frequent the southern oceans.  Whilst this is not strictly Southern Ocean as it is in Port Phillip bay it is still subject to the same storm influences.


Hope you enjoy the scene and if you would like it on your wall drop me a line.




Revisiting old photographs

Every now and again I like to look back over older work.  Principally because reviewing the older work sometimes allows one to find a shot previously rejected that now appeals.


Yesterday was such a day.  I was looking through a number of shots that I had taken of a salt lake north of Melbourne and decided that by using one of the late evening shots and adjusting the exposure differently to last time that I could end up with a shot that was nearly abstract in quality but at the same time a landscape that captured the soft peaceful beauty the descends upon the country as night approaches.


Hope you like it.lt1