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Two more from the approaching storm

Just in case you wanted more than one photo of dramatic storm images to grace your I have for your pleasure two more.  These are taken with a different camera so they are not available in the same size as the first one published yesterday.  Price for the largest print at 40 inches on the long side is $400 AU shipped to you.



Approaching storm

Have a spare bit of wall that demands a highly dramatic piece of art, well this photo may be for you.  Its in black and white of an approaching heavy rain storm just before the cloud band plunges the scene into a very dull vista.  I have made this monocromatic because there was so little colour in the original, just muted blue-grey.  Its available in any size you want up to at least 40 inches on the long side (just over a metre for the metric people) for $500 AU shipped to you on Lustre paper.  For canvas it is production cost plus 30%.



Watching Nature

A dream of mine is to capture the raw power of nature in a beautiful photograph.  One of my favourite theme is thunderstorms, not that frequent here in Melbourne but every now and again one has the chance to get out and try to capture a nice lightning bolt.

The following image is one of those, a distant storm but still capable of evoking the awe that nature demands when it lets its hair down so to speak.  Enjoy and if you would like it on your wall then let me know and we can talk about price and delivery.


Approaching Storm

Sometimes and only sometimes when living in a big city one can have just enough time to get to a vantage point for a photograph.  Today was such a day for me.  I had just looked at the weather radar and noticed that a large frontal system was rapidly approaching Melbourne.  Moreover I had nothing planned so it was a  case of quickly packing the camera gear and head off to the nearest bayside suburb to my place, normally about a 30 minute drive.

Upon arriving I had plenty of time to setup with the intention of taking a panorama of the storm as it approached.  However the conditions were what would call hostile.  Strong winds gusting up to 100Km’s and every bit of sand on the beach on the move.  It quickly became apparent that if I did not want to have to buy new equipment then I had better keep the gear exposure to the elements to a minimum.  For me I am still trying to get the sand out of my eyes.  Out of all of the photos I really only found one that depicted the storm front really well.  There are a few others that are ok but this one is the best.


Hope you like it.