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A view of Melbourne

There are few vantage point where one can get a decent panorama over water of Melbourne.  This is one such spot, taken from North Wharf near the old Harbour control tower.  In this shot one is looking at the western end of the CBD, the dockland development area.  This is a large panorama and if printed full size is several metres on the long side. So it would make an impressive wall feature if one had the space.


Drop me a line if you want a print of this.



Melbourne Docks

Every now and again a vista demands a panorama shot, Melbourne Docks after sunset is one of those.  Imagine the delight as visitors walk into your house or office and there in stunning detail is a this glorious view of Melbourne docks after sunset.  This image will print at 66 inches by 20 inches or if you prefer metric 1.69 metres by .5 metre, in other words huge.  So if you have a wall space that is looking to be decorated by such an image then contact me.  Price for a photographic print is $450 in Lustre or if Metallic $500.  Canvas of other medium will based on print cost plus 30%. All prices are in Australian dollars.



Cloudehill is a beautiful Garden in the Dandenong ranges,  recently purchased by Diggers, a club for plant lovers that sells many heirloom varieties of seeds carefully collected over many years.  In any season Cloudehill is a beautiful garden well worth a visit, though today was just a bit cold and snowing.  Just not enough snow to get a white landscape that I was after.  That will have to wait until another day.


However I did do a panoramic photograph of part of the gardens.  This is the result.  Hope you like it.



Making a Panoramic head

Yesterday I thought that having a go at a panorama type shot might be a bit of fun.  Now I did know that just rotating the camera on the head that I have would not work very well because of the changing position of the camera in relation to the landscape.  However that is about all I did know.  So it was to the web to do a bit of reading.


Now to my surprise I found out that what I needed was a panoramic head for my tripod.  However that would cost around $600AU to get  a head that will handle the weight of my gear. Well that wasn’t going to happen just yet (need to sell a lot more photographs to pay for that)  So it was a case of doing a bit more reading, and lo and behold what did I find but a simple rig that I could make using my macro focus rail (Manfrotto).  So of to the local hardware store and buy a piece of angle use for shelf bracing or the like (just don’t get one that has the brace as well as then you won’t be able to put the camera on it).


Now as luck would have it one of the holes in the bracket when screwed to the camera aligned very closely with the centre of my gear head rotation point and the lens centre.  Part one achieved.

Next is to find what is called a nodal point of the lens.  Whats that you say,  well it is the point in the lens where fore ground and back ground object maintain the same relationship when the camera is rotated on its tripod for the panorama shot.  A web search for parallax and panorama will bring up many much more eloquent descriptions than mine.

Now this is not a hard task just takes a bit of time or you can look up a database on nodal points for many common DSLR lens.  Essentially it is do this:

Guess where the iris point is, set that at the rotation point of the head. Stick a piece of opaque tape on a window. Take two shots of a scene that includes the tape   load into photoshop or your equivalent software and see how much the background changes relative to the tape.  Then depending upon which way the movement is its a  case of moving the camera closer to or further away from the rotation point.   There are some great examples on the web about this but this one I thought was pretty good. Go here http://www.johnhpanos.com/epcalib.htm.


All in all after a bit of mucking around I found the nodal point and then went out to test it.  The following shot is using a 16-35mm at 16mm’s in my front yard.  I am pretty happy with the setup I made for $10.  However one day I would love to buy a proper head.