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other aspects of Street photography

Sometimes when I am out doing street photography I can’t find the mojo or a scenario that works for me.  It is then that I go looking for something else. Occasionally one can find a wall or aspect of the city that denies the shiny new buildings all around.  In this case it is a small decrepit building in Bourke street of Melbourne.  Just around the corner of this building is a wall that has character.


So in this case of street photography its not people that are the characters but an old wall.  Hope you like it.



An old tree

On New Years Eve my wife and I went for a drive around Port Phillip bay.   On the return we stopped to go for a walk along the Foreshore to the Southern Ocean.  More for the scenery than the exercise but the exercise was good all the same.  Whilst driving in to the Park I noticed this tree and was quite taken with its twisted shape.  Needless to say on the way out I stopped to take a few photos of the tree.

This is the result. Hope you like it.


Mortons Pub

In the area around Dunolly, Victoria, there is an area referred to as Waanyarra.  Waanyarra was once a bustling goldfield with some of the purest gold found on the planet coming out of the alluvial soils.

Today remnants of the old settlement can be found mostly fallen down except for the old hotel called Morton’s.  Now its a long 200kms from Melbourne so unless you are in the area I would not make the trip unless you are planning on camping in the quiet and pretty camping spot that is in the area.  A point of caution here, be careful if you like to wander around the bush there are plenty of old mine shafts.  Many which look like they aren’t very deep.  However that can be just debris that is sitting over a much deeper hole.  So please don’t step inside any old shafts.

Now to the  photos of Mortons pub.

mortons- mortons-2