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Chasing Sugimoto take 2

A long time ago i wrote about chasing  Hiroshi Sugimoto who does sublime long exposure photographs of the ocean.  Well I have finally bought enough ND filters, or at least enough to get over twenty stops of light reduction.  This meant that I could now do very long exposures, at least one hour or if the light was poor longer.

With digital one does not have to worry about reciprocity.  One just has to make sure that the camera is stable, and that the view finder is covered.  After that it is just a case of standing around for some period of time.  The result is this:



Now I love the subtlety that this technique produces.  There is no detail just shades of light graduating across the frame.  Waves dis-appear clouds become soft streaks.


This would look fantastic as a large print and because it has been taken with a medium format camera it can easily be printed to 1 metre on the long side.  If you did want such a print then drop me a line (or comment) and we can go from there.  If you wanted it in canvas then its production costs  and shipping plus 30%.


An scene to enhance your wall

I was sitting in a cafe looking out the window enjoying a coffee and obviously the scenery.  Then a thought occurred to me, why not take a photo of the scene and put up on WordPress for other to enjoy.  It doesn’t have those sunset tones, nor soft water or rocks of interest other than the small island offshore.  There is no drama and if you look very carefully you can just make out the reflections in the glass.


Despite all of these mistakes it still makes an image that when used as wall art invokes a sense of serenity of being at a place where one can enjoy life.


If you would like this as a large canvas print then drop me a line and we can work out how to get it to you at production and postage plus 30%.    If you would just like it as a  40inch print on the long side then that will be $400 AU shipped to you.


Two more from the approaching storm

Just in case you wanted more than one photo of dramatic storm images to grace your I have for your pleasure two more.  These are taken with a different camera so they are not available in the same size as the first one published yesterday.  Price for the largest print at 40 inches on the long side is $400 AU shipped to you.


Why landscapes are so hard

If you are interested in landscape photography and wondering how to get that great shot then the answer lies in sheer hard work or being very lucky.

Why hard work you ask?  Well its like this: to get a very good landscape you need a reasonable bit of kit such as a range of ND filters and a way to put them on your camera, a tripod and perhaps some graduated filters.  The graduated filters are an option because one can take a number of shots with different exposures and blend them, unless one is photographing waves in which case blending is a little bit harder.   The second factor is the much harder part of doing landscapes, you must be prepared to go and go again and again until you get the shot that is worth publishing.  Additionally you must be familiar with your camera and its settings so that as everything changes around you , especially the light you can react and react quickly.  This if course takes a lot of practise.

Oh and one more thing I spent from around 2pm until 7pm lugging gear and standing around taking shots and waiting for the changing situations to evolve.  So all in all it was about 8 hours work for three shots not counting processing time.

For the photos below taken at Spray Point on the Mornington Peninsular I have driven round trips of two hundred kilometres at least 5 times but it may be more.  All of the trips until this last one have been fruitless as far as producing really good shots.  Moreover I still will go back again as I am sure that there are even better shots waiting for me in just one small area of the Victorian coast.

Now enough ramblings to the photos:

surfing-lr breaking-wave-lr Spray-Point-lr

If you can see one of these hanging on your wall then drop me a line and we can discuss price and delivery.