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Yesterday another photographer and I went to a site, Tenby Point, , that we had both been at before.  It was hot and still and just a little bit humid with a bit of a walk across a rough stony beach, if one could call a metre wide sand patch a beach.  The object of our desire was a tree with a large log pointing to it, which when the tide comes in makes for a very nice photographic topic.


So we set up and did the usual long exposure work and the results were ok.  Then we left and went to a nearby beach on the southern ocean.  That was better temperature wise with nice large waves breaking over rocks etc.  Spent a bit  of time there and then as the evening wore on and we were not happy with the size of the waves and  the spray we decided to go get some dinner and then return to Tenby Point, not expecting much as cloud was starting to move in.

To our delight on arrival the tide level was great and the sky had enough blue and cloud to make it interesting, moreover the moon was out and in the right place.  So it was all action with torches, long exposures and light painting of the tree.  It is never easy to get the focus right in the dark especially when using a torch to light the subject for focus, just not bright enough so a number of shots ended up out of focus.  However there are a few keepers from the night.


Out of all of the 200 shots I took over the day I have about 12-15 that are worth progressing, something of a rarity for me as I usually find that I only get one or two good images.


Now enough of the waffle, here is my favourite image from last night I hope you enjoy it.





Street from Madrid

A few years ago we went for a European holiday.  Obviously much of my photography was around recording the holiday scenes that we encountered.  Mostly they were snaps as time to find the light of dawn or dusk and location was limited.  However occasionally I came across a street scene that was worth capturing.


This is a night time shot in one of the streets near old Madrid not far from where we were staying.  I quite liked the mother and son playing ball and the other couple watching.  What I don’t know of course, was the boy pushing the shopping trolley part of the family playing or the son of the couple talking?  Even so it still talks about how families play and work together and raises the question of why was the smallest child doing the work.





Gold Coast at night

Most cities have a time of the day or an aspect where a photo is worth taking.  During our recent holiday on the Gold Coast I had seen a few daytime views across estuaries, along beaches and from the ocean.  However none of them really worked for me.


Therefore one evening I decided that I would drive to a nearby bridge that crossed the estuary and see what the view was like.  Now it was a bit later than I would have liked but when holidaying with the family one has to also accommodate three other people in ones actions.  Despite that I was able to find a nice view and the restaurant owner was very obliging in allowing me to set up my tripod on their deck over looking the water.  After a few shots I had what I wanted.


This is it, hope you like it.