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A trip to Beech Forest Victoria

A few days ago a Friend and I went for a two hour drive to Beech Forest, a small town found in the Otway Ranges of Victoria.  Along the way if one goes via the inland route and not the Great Ocean Road one eventually will turn off a drive through a National park. The park is home to a rainforest which has trees like this.


I would love to find a grove of these trees but its unlikely as the geography is all steep slopes and hills with almost no access of the one road.


Continuing along the only road one eventually gets to Beech Forest.  One of the first attractions is an old Fordson tractor and if you are not looking it is east to miss.  This time I decided to take a six shot panorama of the tractor, more for the practise than anything else but I did like the result.




=Then its on to the Redwood Forest found a few kilometres along a dirt road.  The trees and area is beautiful and oh so very peaceful.  I tried a vertarama, a vertical panorama, which ended up looking like this.


Redwoods pano


Finally we went to Erskin Falls, we were really planning to go to the lower Kalimna Falls but traffic on the great ocean road delayed us to much.  Anyway again a panorama or vertarama of the falls.


Then it was homeward bound and a much needed sleep.  Hope you like the photos.




Watching Nature

A dream of mine is to capture the raw power of nature in a beautiful photograph.  One of my favourite theme is thunderstorms, not that frequent here in Melbourne but every now and again one has the chance to get out and try to capture a nice lightning bolt.

The following image is one of those, a distant storm but still capable of evoking the awe that nature demands when it lets its hair down so to speak.  Enjoy and if you would like it on your wall then let me know and we can talk about price and delivery.


Continuing the Suburban Botanical series

I have for nearly two years been taking high key photos of leaves, plants and flowers that I find in my neighbourhood.  Lately I have had to wait for some anemone bulbs to flower and I am still waiting patiently for the Flanders Poppies to put up a few flowers as well.  I also planted a few tulip bulbs which I am hoping will produce a nice spray of flowers to add to my collection.


Today I had five anemones open their collective flower heads so it was time to pick those five heads and proceed to photographing them.  Now normally I lay the flowers down so that there is no vase to include.  However today I decided that I would vase the flowers and try that , just for a bit of variation.  With not to much to go wrong it was just 5 shots to get the one I wanted,  here it is hope you like it (including a copyright overlay which I hope is not too distracting).


A visit to a local park

Yesterday I went to a local park, called Bushy Park which has a wetlands area.  Now due to a somewhat dry summer it has much less water than normal.  However there was still some water and of course a few wild fowl.  After waiting patiently for a while a water fowl, a white faced grey Heron, settled on one of the roosting boxes provided by the Parks staff.  Watching and taking the occasional shot I finally got this one from a series of the bird scratching away at its neck and jaw.

Hope you like it_MG_3653