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There is something compelling about waves.  Perhaps it is the power they have as they roll into shore.  Certainly for me I love to watch and photograph heavy waves.

On visiting a beach the other day there was quite a heavy surf, so I spent some time photographing waves and their remains on the beach sand.  Only problem is the spray that drifts over the camera gear.  Still a wipe down with a damp cloth fixes that.


here are three images from the session do hope you enjoy them.



The down trodden

As I wrote a few days ago matches can convey emotions especially one lights them so that the composite effect of light and match evokes a mental image.  In this case I have picked a match that has bent somewhat and set up the light like a street lamp.  This because of its use in cinema and certain genre in writing allows us to see something in the match that by itself could not exist.  For me it is some one pushed down by life, somewhat sad or  depressed.  For other it may mean something else.