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Did you look around

I read somewhere recently, and I can’t remember who wrote so my apologies to the original author, that it pays to take three shots each different at a location as that forces one to think about camera position etc.


Recently I was down at one of my favourite areas looking for a nice wave to break over the jetty.  Whilst wandering around I happened to look underneath the main construction.  Now what I saw was nothing spectacular, however there were some nice lines and different  shapes and materials as well as a nice light. So I took the following shot: oh and the thing at the top right which looks a bit like a snake is not its a piece of rope coiled up.



Whats that got to do with taking three shots from different positions, well mostly its about looking around an area for those extra shots especially if you go there more than once.

Do hope you enjoy this and if you should desire it to fill in a space on your wall drop me a line and we can talk about how that might happen.  Typically for a one metre on the long side it will cost $400 AU shipped to you.  A canvas print is production and shipping plus 30%.


Chasing Sugimoto take 2

A long time ago i wrote about chasing  Hiroshi Sugimoto who does sublime long exposure photographs of the ocean.  Well I have finally bought enough ND filters, or at least enough to get over twenty stops of light reduction.  This meant that I could now do very long exposures, at least one hour or if the light was poor longer.

With digital one does not have to worry about reciprocity.  One just has to make sure that the camera is stable, and that the view finder is covered.  After that it is just a case of standing around for some period of time.  The result is this:



Now I love the subtlety that this technique produces.  There is no detail just shades of light graduating across the frame.  Waves dis-appear clouds become soft streaks.


This would look fantastic as a large print and because it has been taken with a medium format camera it can easily be printed to 1 metre on the long side.  If you did want such a print then drop me a line (or comment) and we can go from there.  If you wanted it in canvas then its production costs  and shipping plus 30%.

Street Photography

Some of you may know that I do street photography.  Now I don’t do this all that often but when I get some time and inclination I like to wonder around Melbourne looking for that elusive street shot that talks.  It is not an easy genre and the temptation is to just take photos of people. But that is not street in its true form, in essence the timing and the scene should convey a story.  Below are some of my image taken over a number of years.  Some more closely fit the idea of a story than others, but I hope you get the idea.


I have been an active member of a street photography group here in Melbourne now sine 2012 and have exhibited every year with the group.  This year we have an exciting group exhibition in the Sofitel Hotel on Collins Street Melbourne.  So if you happen to be in Melbourne sometime over the next three months do drop into the Sofitel and wander up to the 35th floor and have a look at the exhibition.

Enjoy and if any take your fancy then drop me a line and we can discuss how you might become the owner of a print

Iconic Melbourne location

If you never been to Princes Pier then this is what you have missed.  However one does need to do long exposure for this scene to work.  It also helps if you are lucky enough to get a really good sunset.  So far I haven’t, every time its been a fail for sunset.  Still I hope you enjoy this shot. If you want it on your wall then contact me about the size you want and we can work out the price including shipping.  Typically for a 40 inch on the long side I ask for $400 AU.



Watching Nature

A dream of mine is to capture the raw power of nature in a beautiful photograph.  One of my favourite theme is thunderstorms, not that frequent here in Melbourne but every now and again one has the chance to get out and try to capture a nice lightning bolt.

The following image is one of those, a distant storm but still capable of evoking the awe that nature demands when it lets its hair down so to speak.  Enjoy and if you would like it on your wall then let me know and we can talk about price and delivery.


Deeply beautiful

Tenby Point in Victoria,  a scene that evokes peace and a deep appreciation of the world we live in.  Carefully positioned camera , subtle use of long exposure and a deliberate intent to remove the horizon by letting the light wash out the details renders this scene as one of great beauty.

The old log reminds of the past whilst the younger tree immersed in the water speaks of the future, the strength and vigour of youth willing to take on the challenges that life brings, without ignoring the direction that the old bring to our world.



Contact me if you would like this image hanging on your wall.