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Upcoming exhibition

Shortly, well June 30th I will be showing a collection of my botanicals in the Sofitel here in Melbourne.  It has been a few years since I did a show there so it is nice that I am back with a second exhibition.


I have not decided which images I will present over the special edition redgum framed Australian Gum Leaves.  I think as the display area is spread over two distinct areas that for the Australian Leaves part I will just put up the 6 already framed and in the the other area do a variety of flowers that I have produced since the last show.


Below is an example of each, hope you like them and if you are in Melbourne do drop in to the Sofitel and have a look.





Two new botanicals

Finding new botanicals can be a challenge as I have particular taste when it comes to finding the right botanical.  I find that yellow flowers don’t work that well and finding a leaf set takes some time to find one that has great form.

Today I am showing you two recent flowers, the first is a set of spring onion flowers (I am waiting for some leek flowers in my garden) and the second is one of the Australian Bottle Brush, just don’t know which one.


Hope you enjoy them.


Blending a few flower images

Today I picked a number of anemone flowers photographed each one individually and loaded the lot into Photoshop.

Then it was time to sit down and extract each flower from its background and paste into a new blank page.  Some were selected for scaling to a different size and some were selected so that there was more transparency so that flowers placed behind would show slightly.

With a few more adjustments and a little bit of work with the eraser tool I ended up with this.


I have also loaded the image into RedBubble http://www.redbubble.com/people/johnhol/works/15947288-anemonies?ref=recent-owner

where it is now available on the wide range of products  such as Doona’s, bags, phone covers, and clothing (click on the 28 products link below the image).  Do take a visit if you like the image and would like to see what it looks like other than as a photograph.  Of course if you really like it or any of the other florals that I have created then feel free to buy.

Expanding products for photographs

There are many surfaces that a photo may go on beside a wall.  Now to embark upon developing a product range of say cups and mugs or bags or even phone covers just is too much work for the individual.

That is where collective sites like Red Bubble (RB) come into play.  They offer more than the traditional.  Fine Art America along with a number of other sites offer similar products.

I have placed a number of my Suburban Botanical images on RB across a range of the product available from.  Images such as this one:


Now does this look fantastic on a quilt cover or bag,  well I think it does but then I would.  However if you want to see what it might look like then pop over to here and have a look.  If you like then spread the word.


Doing something different

As many of you would know I often do high key botanicals, in fact it could be described as my signature work.  Well every now and again I like to try something different.

So today I obtained a couple of glossy black tiles.  Which are often used to produce that lovely effect of subtle reflections on a black surface.  After cleaning the dirt and setting up it was time to try this seasons Anemonies, another reason for doing something different as I did these flowers last year in high key.

Being new to this required a bit of experimentation to get rid of spurious reflections, tonal changes etc across the tile surface.  Being glossy black every little white object within the room wanted to get into the scene.  Additionally as I was using a strobe getting rid of flash glare was also a problem.  However by changing cameras and lens and light positions I managed to get a couple of shots that I liked.

Here they are:

Anemone-in-black- Anemone-on-black-

A black and White version, just because concentrating on the textures is worth it for this photo.


Last but not least a shot of the leaf skeletons against the black tiles which I think looks great.


Hope you like them.

Suburban botanicals

This morning I was awoken by hail on the window and for a while I tossed around the idea of heading out to see what city scape I could find with such foul weather.  However I weakened and decided to just remain cosy and warm in bed.  Mind you it was 4:30am so perhaps that was the best thing to do.

Much later in the day a bit tired and not so willing to go out in such cold wet weather I decided that it was time that I did a botanical on the camelia’s growing with such an abundance of flowers.  After carefully selecting five of the nicest blooms it was time to photograph them.

This is the result, hope you like them.