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Lilies in Black and White

For sale today is this stunning photograph of three Arum Lilies beautifully portrayed in black and white.  This will look stunning on any wall as an imposing 40 inches on the long side.  $400 AU shipped too you.



Approaching storm

Have a spare bit of wall that demands a highly dramatic piece of art, well this photo may be for you.  Its in black and white of an approaching heavy rain storm just before the cloud band plunges the scene into a very dull vista.  I have made this monocromatic because there was so little colour in the original, just muted blue-grey.  Its available in any size you want up to at least 40 inches on the long side (just over a metre for the metric people) for $500 AU shipped to you on Lustre paper.  For canvas it is production cost plus 30%.