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Learning more

In my last post I talked about learning new techniques.  One of the aspects about learning is not just about techniques but in how to see or visualise what a final image may look like.  Sometimes this is an evolutionary thing, as the image is worked on a view becomes predominate.  Other times an idea may be present from the beginning.

Like all things this requires practise and lots of it.  Since learning a few new techniques in photoshop I have practised on about 10-15 images (not sure of the exact count as for some I don’t keep)  At each practise session, as that is what they are, the technical stuff becomes easier and the artistic side becomes stronger.  This how it should be, for if one is struggling with the technical how can the artistic side surface.  It would be like a painter not sure on what brush is used to create a particular look trying to do a masterpiece.

Anyway to cut out the ramblings I will show a before and after image that I did today.  Just so you can see the difference that practise makes.  The image I used was one that on taking I did not know what to do with because my technical skills in post processing were not that good.

The original shot

St Partick orig

The final version.

St Patricks