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other aspects of Street photography

Sometimes when I am out doing street photography I can’t find the mojo or a scenario that works for me.  It is then that I go looking for something else. Occasionally one can find a wall or aspect of the city that denies the shiny new buildings all around.  In this case it is a small decrepit building in Bourke street of Melbourne.  Just around the corner of this building is a wall that has character.


So in this case of street photography its not people that are the characters but an old wall.  Hope you like it.



Working an image

Thi sis a shot of the Shrine in Melbourne.  Now strictly speaking I should not put it up on the web but many others have before me.  However it is not for sale as an image in keeping with the act of parliament prohibiting sale of images of the shrine without the trustees permission.


This image has had quite a lot of post processing involving careful selection of areas and adjustment of contrast, dodge and burn.   Moreover the sky has also been treated to make it much darker than reality.  The intent of all of the post processing is to take an architectural image and turn it into a striking black and white. I like how this has turned out hope you do as well.


The Occasional Architecture

Every now and then I grab my tripod and a number of ND  (Neutral Density) filters and head into the city to take an architecture shot which I then heavily post process in Photoshop.  Why the ND filters?  Well it enables one to get long wispy clouds with an exposure time in the minutes.


The post processing is to turn the sky dark, highlight the clouds and then dodge and burn the building to produce different emphasis on its architecture.


Enjoy and if you would like a copy on your wall the drop me a line.




Well its been a while since I put fingers to keyboard.  Thats christmas for you,  Always takes more time up than one thinks.


So what have I been doing.  Well like always learning and improving my photography.  So I thought I would share with you my recent fine art black and white image from Southbank in Melbourne. Happens to be one of my favourite buildings because it changes so much depending upon the viewing point.


This image is a long exposure about 6 minutes (produces the streaky cloud effect) and to get that sort of time one needs to add a few ND filters, in this case a ND 1000 and ND400 stacked.  Of course one needs to focus before adding the filters because there is nothing visible through the eyepiece or live view back.  A good sturdy tripod helps as well.


After that it is processing time and that can take quite some time, for this image its about 3-4 hours of subtle adjustments and layers to produce the image seen below.


Now if you are in Melbourne or visiting and want to spend some of your hard earned money in learning how to do this or if you love the image so much that you just want to own it then by all means contact me.  A comment will always attract my attention and we can go from there or follow the link to my web page and there you will find a contact point.