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Upcoming exhibition

Shortly, well June 30th I will be showing a collection of my botanicals in the Sofitel here in Melbourne.  It has been a few years since I did a show there so it is nice that I am back with a second exhibition.


I have not decided which images I will present over the special edition redgum framed Australian Gum Leaves.  I think as the display area is spread over two distinct areas that for the Australian Leaves part I will just put up the 6 already framed and in the the other area do a variety of flowers that I have produced since the last show.


Below is an example of each, hope you like them and if you are in Melbourne do drop in to the Sofitel and have a look.





A selection of botanicals

As some of you would know I do a series of botanical photographs.  In this series I am concentrating on Australian Flora from around my neighbour hood.  Much of the time goes into walking around looking for suitable subjects, that subject that has as part of its appeal a sense of form and grace.  For instance I have spent the last week looking around a few local parks for that flora that has the necessary quality to make it a worthwhile subject. Unfortunately I have not found any except for one small cluster of dead leaves.

The botanical series are my most successful photography now having sold over twenty large prints.


Today I am going to show you 3 in my current series, each for sale in Canson rag with archival inks at $250 AU shipped to you.  Size is A3 or imperial equivalent.


Keeping an eye open for possibilities

Today whilst doing something other than photography I noticed a few leaves that had been skeletonised.   I have been looking for good examples of this for some time.  So even though I was not on a photography expedition did not preclude me from finding a possible subject. In short the lesson is:

Always keep the mind open to possibilities for a photograph, you never know when a great subject will turn up.