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An old tree

On New Years Eve my wife and I went for a drive around Port Phillip bay.   On the return we stopped to go for a walk along the Foreshore to the Southern Ocean.  More for the scenery than the exercise but the exercise was good all the same.  Whilst driving in to the Park I noticed this tree and was quite taken with its twisted shape.  Needless to say on the way out I stopped to take a few photos of the tree.

This is the result. Hope you like it.



A view of Melbourne

There are few vantage point where one can get a decent panorama over water of Melbourne.  This is one such spot, taken from North Wharf near the old Harbour control tower.  In this shot one is looking at the western end of the CBD, the dockland development area.  This is a large panorama and if printed full size is several metres on the long side. So it would make an impressive wall feature if one had the space.


Drop me a line if you want a print of this.


Multiple exposures in camera

I waited till I was 63 to buy a very nice Pentax 645z.  Now let me tell you this is one fantastic camera.  Resolution, detail, features are unparalleled and for the price it destroys the other medium format digital cameras.  It really is a gem.


One of its features is the ability to do multiple exposures in camera in several modes.  in this case I used the average mode. Which, as you might expect from the description, it averages each of the images captured into one image.


Now I like to experiment.  There are a couple of very recognised photographers such as Pep Ventura and Idris Khan that do multiple exposures, however I don’t know if the use in camera or post processing.  However I do and if I see the right structure I like to give the technique a go.  The following image when  I saw  the cranes immediately demanded a multi exposure composite.
Do hope you enjoy it and if you want a copy on your wall drop me a line.  Typically I charge for a one metre on the long side $400 AU delivered.  if you want a canvas print its production and delivery plus 30%.



Two more from the approaching storm

Just in case you wanted more than one photo of dramatic storm images to grace your I have for your pleasure two more.  These are taken with a different camera so they are not available in the same size as the first one published yesterday.  Price for the largest print at 40 inches on the long side is $400 AU shipped to you.


Approaching storm

Have a spare bit of wall that demands a highly dramatic piece of art, well this photo may be for you.  Its in black and white of an approaching heavy rain storm just before the cloud band plunges the scene into a very dull vista.  I have made this monocromatic because there was so little colour in the original, just muted blue-grey.  Its available in any size you want up to at least 40 inches on the long side (just over a metre for the metric people) for $500 AU shipped to you on Lustre paper.  For canvas it is production cost plus 30%.