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Making the most of it

On a recent trip to Adelaide in South Australia on which most of my time was spent catching up with family and friends I found one evening where there was a  window of opportunity to take a walk with the camera in hand.


Whilst walking around the new development over the rail way tracks in the CBD there were a few very nice architectural shots however much of the access was restricted due to building works still underway. As part of this development the Adelaide oval has been re-developed along with a new footbridge over the Torrens.  As evening developed the sweep of the bridge and the lights made for the best scene of the day.  Now it lacks the grandeur of other cities with soaring buildings and spectacular lights but all the same it was still worth dropping the camera down on a small ledge by the waters edge and doing the long exposure over the water.


The reverse image I haven’t tried due to the extensive building work going on but I am sure that come middle of the year when we are back in Adelaide and most of the works are finished the view into the CBD at dusk may well be a beautiful shot.


Hope you like this and I am looking forward to the opportunity to do the reverse shot looking at the CBD.



Adelaide Library Mortlock wing

Adelaide, a smaller city in the state of South Australia has a few gems hidden away.  One of the gems is the State Library Mortlock wing.  Preserved beautiful old style library, full of old books. One can visit freely and soak up the ambience to be found in this hidden gem.  I fully recommend it to any visitor to Adelaide.

Here are three views of this little gem just to whet your appetite if you visit Adelaide.20130110_5315



Gays Arcade Adelaide

Adelaide has a few small arcades that go between Grenfell St and Rundle Mall, the  main shopping zone in Adelaide.  Off One of the small arcades is Gays Arcade which in reality connects an alleyway, called Twin Street to Adelaide Arcade.  

Gays Arcade is visible from the upstairs area of Adelaide arcade and provides a very nice vantage point for street photography.  For me this shot works because of the delicate blending from nearly black and white, and no it has not been changed this is how it came out, to full colour. Certainly the tonal changes become more of a feature than the people, caught in their activities.

Hope you like it. 



On a recent trip to Adelaide I took the camera for a quick walk around the CBD, (we were staying at Glenelg, a beach side area).  For years we lived in Adelaide and not once had I  visited the old wings of the State Library.  Well what a treasure they are.  If you are in Adelaide then I suggest that one take a visit to the Mortlock wing of the State Library, located on North Terrace.  It really is a lovely old building.  If you are lucky enough and the Geographical Society is open then go in and have a chat.  Perhaps if you show enough interest then the caretaker may take you to the top floor of the library, exclusive use by the Geographical Society to see their collection of works.  You may get to see the Library from this vantage point.