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other aspects of Street photography

Sometimes when I am out doing street photography I can’t find the mojo or a scenario that works for me.  It is then that I go looking for something else. Occasionally one can find a wall or aspect of the city that denies the shiny new buildings all around.  In this case it is a small decrepit building in Bourke street of Melbourne.  Just around the corner of this building is a wall that has character.


So in this case of street photography its not people that are the characters but an old wall.  Hope you like it.



Working an image

Thi sis a shot of the Shrine in Melbourne.  Now strictly speaking I should not put it up on the web but many others have before me.  However it is not for sale as an image in keeping with the act of parliament prohibiting sale of images of the shrine without the trustees permission.


This image has had quite a lot of post processing involving careful selection of areas and adjustment of contrast, dodge and burn.   Moreover the sky has also been treated to make it much darker than reality.  The intent of all of the post processing is to take an architectural image and turn it into a striking black and white. I like how this has turned out hope you do as well.


A many layered clock

Today I am going to show you what many photographs of the same subject when superimposed looks like.  A while ago I took about 70 shots of a kitchen clock and then merged the images in photoshop.  To merge all of these images can be done in different ways , one can average the images or one can attribute a certain percentage of transparency to each image.  In this case I gave each image about 10%.  No doubt doing another method would have produced a different result.  However I like the result so I didn’t try another method.


Hope you like it and if you would like a copy on your wall drop me a line.


1035 a time abstract



A view of Melbourne

There are few vantage point where one can get a decent panorama over water of Melbourne.  This is one such spot, taken from North Wharf near the old Harbour control tower.  In this shot one is looking at the western end of the CBD, the dockland development area.  This is a large panorama and if printed full size is several metres on the long side. So it would make an impressive wall feature if one had the space.


Drop me a line if you want a print of this.


Street from Madrid

A few years ago we went for a European holiday.  Obviously much of my photography was around recording the holiday scenes that we encountered.  Mostly they were snaps as time to find the light of dawn or dusk and location was limited.  However occasionally I came across a street scene that was worth capturing.


This is a night time shot in one of the streets near old Madrid not far from where we were staying.  I quite liked the mother and son playing ball and the other couple watching.  What I don’t know of course, was the boy pushing the shopping trolley part of the family playing or the son of the couple talking?  Even so it still talks about how families play and work together and raises the question of why was the smallest child doing the work.





A lone walk

Last Friday I went for a street photography session by myself, which is unusual as I often go with a few others that are members of the Australian Association of Street Photographers inc of which I am the President.


Sometimes when alone finding a new location is more difficult as like most people I am a creature of habits, no not those.  Which means that I usually traffic the same locations, Friday was no exception.  Whilst I started out walking a few new streets I didn’t spot much except for a group of people staring into a xmas display at one of the major retailers.  One of  those shots is ok but you are not going to see it today.  Instead I am going for a street story that is minus people.  Often there is a story or a comment about  society to be found in the way people leave their items, in this case transport.  Certainly it was not intentional of the people that own the two items of interest in this photo.  However there is  a story here.  Hope you enjoy it and if you would like it on your wall drop me a line.


The Occasional Architecture

Every now and then I grab my tripod and a number of ND  (Neutral Density) filters and head into the city to take an architecture shot which I then heavily post process in Photoshop.  Why the ND filters?  Well it enables one to get long wispy clouds with an exposure time in the minutes.


The post processing is to turn the sky dark, highlight the clouds and then dodge and burn the building to produce different emphasis on its architecture.


Enjoy and if you would like a copy on your wall the drop me a line.