Monthly Archives: December 2016

Waiting for some thing to happen

I was watching this couple for a short while waiting for some interesting interaction.  Luckily for me a pigeon decided to walk past much like an a person determined not to be engaged with the sellers of the praline nuts.  It was too much of an opportunity to pass up.  After all birds eat nuts and seeds and other offerings from the casual passer-by.  To find a pigeon acting out a human role was a delight.  The pigeon is even ignoring the offering dropped by others on the ground around the vendors cart.


Hope you like it and if you want a copy on your wall drop me a line.




Melbourne from Albert Park

Sometime the colours of an evening work beautifully.  On this occasion I was looking for some long exposure shots of Melbourne to then work up into a fine art black and white.  However on this time the clouds that I like for that type of shot were not present.  What was present was a beautiful soft bronze/gold reflection of the last remnants of the sunset in the buildings against a darkening sky, resulting in this shot.


I hope you like it and if you want a print on your wall drop me a line.



Two new botanicals

Finding new botanicals can be a challenge as I have particular taste when it comes to finding the right botanical.  I find that yellow flowers don’t work that well and finding a leaf set takes some time to find one that has great form.

Today I am showing you two recent flowers, the first is a set of spring onion flowers (I am waiting for some leek flowers in my garden) and the second is one of the Australian Bottle Brush, just don’t know which one.


Hope you enjoy them.


Back to the street

My wife and I went for a stroll around parts of Melbourne the other night before going to a concert featuring the complete Handel Messiah, (not exactly to my taste but one has to try before rejecting).  Obviously whilst walking around I was looking for street shots that I could add to my slowly growing collection.


The one I am showing you today was meant to be mostly about the cyclist, as that is what first attracted me.  However on reviewing at home I was extremely pleased that a greater story unfolded with the characters in the background.  In the one shot I had three phone users all doing a different thing with the phone.  Talk about luck.


I do hope you enjoy it and if you would like it on your wall drop me a line.


A many layered clock

Today I am going to show you what many photographs of the same subject when superimposed looks like.  A while ago I took about 70 shots of a kitchen clock and then merged the images in photoshop.  To merge all of these images can be done in different ways , one can average the images or one can attribute a certain percentage of transparency to each image.  In this case I gave each image about 10%.  No doubt doing another method would have produced a different result.  However I like the result so I didn’t try another method.


Hope you like it and if you would like a copy on your wall drop me a line.


1035 a time abstract



A view of Melbourne

There are few vantage point where one can get a decent panorama over water of Melbourne.  This is one such spot, taken from North Wharf near the old Harbour control tower.  In this shot one is looking at the western end of the CBD, the dockland development area.  This is a large panorama and if printed full size is several metres on the long side. So it would make an impressive wall feature if one had the space.


Drop me a line if you want a print of this.


The ultimate macro shot

What appears to be a simple shot was quite difficult to achieve.  Firstly getting enough bubbles that were large enough, about pin head size and then being able to position the champagne bottle and a background colour so that the image mostly worked and finally focussing that most difficult of lens the canon MPE 65.  That lens is focussed by moving the camera closer or further away from the subject.  Anyway this is the result, a bottle of champagne label in the bubbles from champagne.