A lone walk

Last Friday I went for a street photography session by myself, which is unusual as I often go with a few others that are members of the Australian Association of Street Photographers inc of which I am the President.


Sometimes when alone finding a new location is more difficult as like most people I am a creature of habits, no not those.  Which means that I usually traffic the same locations, Friday was no exception.  Whilst I started out walking a few new streets I didn’t spot much except for a group of people staring into a xmas display at one of the major retailers.  One of  those shots is ok but you are not going to see it today.  Instead I am going for a street story that is minus people.  Often there is a story or a comment about  society to be found in the way people leave their items, in this case transport.  Certainly it was not intentional of the people that own the two items of interest in this photo.  However there is  a story here.  Hope you enjoy it and if you would like it on your wall drop me a line.



One thought on “A lone walk

  1. Mel & Suan

    Mel: there are just times when you want to wander off on your own to find your own angles, without having a model to pose and give opinions…streets, nature.
    Suan: are you telling me…


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