Remembrance Day

All of the World that was involved in the Great War, World War one, use the symbol of the Flanders Poppy as a reminder of the sacrifice made by so many in what was essentially a pointless war.  It achieved nothing other than a horrific loss of life as the political  and military leaders inured to an older way of life willingly sacrificed the youth of their nations in their ignorance and obligations to each other.

As a means of depicting the fragility of the soldier as well as encompassing the comradeship that they felt I arranged two Flanders Poppies and of course photographed them in high key, as I usually do for florals. Below is that image.  Normally I offer my photographs for sale.  However I will not sell this item unless it is to a war memorial.

As a depiction of the sacrifice I picked two flowers that had spindly  stems but still had vibrant heads, beautifully formed.  In positioning the flowers I wanted them separate but also appearing as if there was an intimacy between them, a hidden conversation, private to those that know the comradeship fostered through survival of war. The spindly stems represent the fragility of humans, especially during war.

May we humans remember the sacrifice and avoid that which rapidly approaches the world again.



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