Finding beauty in harshness

North of Melbourne is a salt lake.  Standing on the shore of this salt lake is verging on the cruel.  It is severe, the air is salt laden, its dry and hot when the sun shines.  The salt surface glares.  In short almost all aspects of the human sense are assaulted by the conditions, it is unpleasant.  Which is why the work of Murray Fredericks, based in Sydney are so much to be admired.  Mr Fredericks walked into Lake Eyre, a rather large salt lake in the middle of a South Australian desert and spent time there doing some unbelievable photography.  This link will take you to his site and it is so worth spending time looking through his work. Murray Fredericks

Now I know that my efforts at this do not go any where near the superb work of Mr Fredericks, however that does not stop one from seeing that in even harsh environments one can find beauty.  Below area few shots taken through the day that I spent on the edge of this lake.  It was not possible to go out very far on the surface because of the subsurface water making the crust very soft.  My favourite is the pastel toned shot taken around late afternoon.



I was going to stay and try for an astro shot across the lake but a few clouds made that impossible.  Also by then I just wanted to get away from the conditions.


If you would like one of these on your wall then drop me a line.  Usual pricing one metre on the long side is $400 AU.  Canvas print is production and shipping plus 30%.


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