Did you look around

I read somewhere recently, and I can’t remember who wrote so my apologies to the original author, that it pays to take three shots each different at a location as that forces one to think about camera position etc.


Recently I was down at one of my favourite areas looking for a nice wave to break over the jetty.  Whilst wandering around I happened to look underneath the main construction.  Now what I saw was nothing spectacular, however there were some nice lines and different  shapes and materials as well as a nice light. So I took the following shot: oh and the thing at the top right which looks a bit like a snake is not its a piece of rope coiled up.



Whats that got to do with taking three shots from different positions, well mostly its about looking around an area for those extra shots especially if you go there more than once.

Do hope you enjoy this and if you should desire it to fill in a space on your wall drop me a line and we can talk about how that might happen.  Typically for a one metre on the long side it will cost $400 AU shipped to you.  A canvas print is production and shipping plus 30%.


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