Monthly Archives: November 2016

A lone walk

Last Friday I went for a street photography session by myself, which is unusual as I often go with a few others that are members of the Australian Association of Street Photographers inc of which I am the President.


Sometimes when alone finding a new location is more difficult as like most people I am a creature of habits, no not those.  Which means that I usually traffic the same locations, Friday was no exception.  Whilst I started out walking a few new streets I didn’t spot much except for a group of people staring into a xmas display at one of the major retailers.  One of  those shots is ok but you are not going to see it today.  Instead I am going for a street story that is minus people.  Often there is a story or a comment about  society to be found in the way people leave their items, in this case transport.  Certainly it was not intentional of the people that own the two items of interest in this photo.  However there is  a story here.  Hope you enjoy it and if you would like it on your wall drop me a line.



The Occasional Architecture

Every now and then I grab my tripod and a number of ND  (Neutral Density) filters and head into the city to take an architecture shot which I then heavily post process in Photoshop.  Why the ND filters?  Well it enables one to get long wispy clouds with an exposure time in the minutes.


The post processing is to turn the sky dark, highlight the clouds and then dodge and burn the building to produce different emphasis on its architecture.


Enjoy and if you would like a copy on your wall the drop me a line.



Rural Bicycle

In a little town west of Ballarat Victoria is a small coffee shop and out the back of that shop is an area for enjoying the outdoors weather permitting.  Loitering in the yard was this bicycle, no malicious intent just hanging around.

It had been there for a period of time with the gradual accumulation of autumn leaves over the wheels. No doubt the owner from time to time ventures forth, braving the world less safe for cyclists thanks to the rapacious use of motor vehicles.  On return from a journey perhaps frustrated or short of time the owner has with a certain amount of disregard for the bike let it slovenly fall against a post, hence the the loitering feel of the bike.


I do hope you enjoy the image and if you would like it on your wall do drop me a line.



So often the seas are rough and unruly. To find an ocean that is at peace with a soft pastel sunset is rare especially in the southern oceans of the world.  More often disturbed by the low pressure systems that frequent the southern oceans.  Whilst this is not strictly Southern Ocean as it is in Port Phillip bay it is still subject to the same storm influences.


Hope you enjoy the scene and if you would like it on your wall drop me a line.





Well its not really geometry more about lines and shapes but I wanted a one word title.  Despite that misnomer of an intro I do like finding in the urban environment the occasional car park that has something different. This one has that difference.  With orange rails and verticals and yellow posts contrasting beautifully with the white and black walls.   Add in the tonal graduation from right to left and one ends up with a nice composition and photo.


Hope you like it and if you want a copy on your wall drop me a line.