Monthly Archives: September 2016

Lilies in Black and White

For sale today is this stunning photograph of three Arum Lilies beautifully portrayed in black and white.  This will look stunning on any wall as an imposing 40 inches on the long side.  $400 AU shipped too you.



Two more from the approaching storm

Just in case you wanted more than one photo of dramatic storm images to grace your I have for your pleasure two more.  These are taken with a different camera so they are not available in the same size as the first one published yesterday.  Price for the largest print at 40 inches on the long side is $400 AU shipped to you.


Approaching storm

Have a spare bit of wall that demands a highly dramatic piece of art, well this photo may be for you.  Its in black and white of an approaching heavy rain storm just before the cloud band plunges the scene into a very dull vista.  I have made this monocromatic because there was so little colour in the original, just muted blue-grey.  Its available in any size you want up to at least 40 inches on the long side (just over a metre for the metric people) for $500 AU shipped to you on Lustre paper.  For canvas it is production cost plus 30%.



Wall art

In classic black and white is this beautiful study of what most would consider to be a terrible location, the old Melbourne jail (gaol for the English).  An ideal art piece for that dramatic location on your wall.  The Melbourne jail image sits in the Street Photography category and with the characters in the image provides a greater visual dynamic that enables the viewer to interact with the scene.




Imagine this matching your decor, the soft palette of colours, all pastels, derived from an early morning long exposure photograph of a rock awash with waves.  The delicate colours of early dawn beautifully reflected and mixed with the soft toned blues.



Available as a 24  by 16 inch print shipped to you for $400 (AU).

Melbourne Docks

Every now and again a vista demands a panorama shot, Melbourne Docks after sunset is one of those.  Imagine the delight as visitors walk into your house or office and there in stunning detail is a this glorious view of Melbourne docks after sunset.  This image will print at 66 inches by 20 inches or if you prefer metric 1.69 metres by .5 metre, in other words huge.  So if you have a wall space that is looking to be decorated by such an image then contact me.  Price for a photographic print is $450 in Lustre or if Metallic $500.  Canvas of other medium will based on print cost plus 30%. All prices are in Australian dollars.