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Simplicity is beautiful

A very long exposure of a seascape renders time into a beautiful image.




The Friday quiz

Two weeks ago I posted a quiz with a prize, an A4 print of one of my beautiful shots of white Arrum lilies.  To date no one has attempted to solve the puzzle, to which I can only assume that the quiz was to hard or no one liked the prize.  Ignoring my assumptions, it is a solvable puzzle therefore I have not posted another quiz yet as I am still  hoping someone out there would like to solve it.  So step up if you want the prize, get that thinking cap on and ask questions.  The print is still on offer.


you can get to it from the attached link.

A Friday quiz

I have decided to start a Friday quiz in which for the first person to correctly work out and post it on this page will receive an unframed A4 print of this image:




Now to the quiz:


The following image alludes to a famous quotation to be successful at finding out what the saying is you will have to interpret several aspects of the image.  Good luck.  I will attempt to answer questions or suggestions promptly, however please keep in mind the time difference as I live in Australia and do like to sleep.

puzzle 1.jpg