Monthly Archives: June 2016

Watching Nature

A dream of mine is to capture the raw power of nature in a beautiful photograph.  One of my favourite theme is thunderstorms, not that frequent here in Melbourne but every now and again one has the chance to get out and try to capture a nice lightning bolt.

The following image is one of those, a distant storm but still capable of evoking the awe that nature demands when it lets its hair down so to speak.  Enjoy and if you would like it on your wall then let me know and we can talk about price and delivery.



Deeply beautiful

Tenby Point in Victoria,  a scene that evokes peace and a deep appreciation of the world we live in.  Carefully positioned camera , subtle use of long exposure and a deliberate intent to remove the horizon by letting the light wash out the details renders this scene as one of great beauty.

The old log reminds of the past whilst the younger tree immersed in the water speaks of the future, the strength and vigour of youth willing to take on the challenges that life brings, without ignoring the direction that the old bring to our world.



Contact me if you would like this image hanging on your wall.