Monthly Archives: February 2016


Sometimes when doing macro shots it becomes necessary to stack images.  Mostly because  one image does not have enough depth of field to enable all parts of the subject to be in focus.  There are a few tricks when stacking images that one must be aware of to successfully stack.


Firstly it doesn’t really matter whether one focusses on different parts by moving the subject or moving the camera or refocussing on a different part the end result is that each seperate shot will be a slightly different size as well as being focussed on a different layer.


Secondly when processing in Photoshop one must ( or at least this works for me) is merge the individual shots using photo merge and the collage mode. This will align each image.  Having done that one can remove each masking layer and the blend the images using stacking (use the tool Auto Blend provided in Photoshop found under the edit menu).  When it is completed flatten the image and make any necessary adjustments for contrast brightness saturation etc .


The following shot is a composite of twenty images taken using the MPE 65 at about three time magnification.  It is off a blowfly and perhaps many of you will find it a bit revolting as it is not what one would call pretty.  However it is amazing the detail  that stacking provides.blowfly