Recently I stumbled across some incredibly beautiful Black and White images by Julia Anna Gospodarou (well worth looking at her images found here http://www.juliaannagospodarou.com).  Now being a person that always wants to learn new things I decided that Julia’s book on producing fine art images would be a worthwhile addition to my collection, and this fathers day it will be mine.

In the interim I have been looking back at a few images and considering if they were worthwhile practising the little I have gleaned from reading the extracts Julia Gospodarou provides .  I do understand that what I am doing is most likely cumbersome and poorly executed and will remain so until I read her book.  However in the meantime the practising and thinking that goes with trying out new things is already making a difference to my post processing.

An example may help.

The following image was taken in Aosta a few years ago and was done in a hurry with poor composition and shooting position.  Despite these drawbacks I thought that the wine press (the image I have been working on) was worth looking at using my newly gained knowledge.

So the before shot which I had previously discarded as not usable:

wine press original

And the wine press after processing.

wine press

Whilst it still is not a great image I think that processing has turned a complete dud into a better shot.


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