Blending a few flower images

Today I picked a number of anemone flowers photographed each one individually and loaded the lot into Photoshop.

Then it was time to sit down and extract each flower from its background and paste into a new blank page.  Some were selected for scaling to a different size and some were selected so that there was more transparency so that flowers placed behind would show slightly.

With a few more adjustments and a little bit of work with the eraser tool I ended up with this.


I have also loaded the image into RedBubble

where it is now available on the wide range of products  such as Doona’s, bags, phone covers, and clothing (click on the 28 products link below the image).  Do take a visit if you like the image and would like to see what it looks like other than as a photograph.  Of course if you really like it or any of the other florals that I have created then feel free to buy.


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