Taking a few macro shots

Today I found a little jumping spider which in my opinion are rather cute with those great big eyes up front that look like old car headlights.

Normally I take the camera outside with a flash and then struggle to get the spider, leaves and hands to remain steady enough to get a shot before the spider decides that she has had enough.  Also considering that I am using a MPE 65 which focusses by moving the camera closer or further away it is fraught with frustration.  Usually I don’t even get a shot worth publishing.

However today I found the spider with its spun hidy-hole so I brought the leaf and spider inside where I could use a big strobe.  Was much more comfortable, no breeze, no cold air and a comfy chair to sit in while I worked.

Below are the results and if you don’t like spiders then stop here and look no further.  Otherwise enjoy.  Oh by the way these are at about 4 time normal size. The great advantage of using the MPE 65 is the magnification one can use.

js1 js2 js3


6 thoughts on “Taking a few macro shots

  1. Mike Powell

    Wonderful shots of a spider that I would hesitate to call “cute,” but it certainly is cool-looking. Your post validate all that I have heard about that lens–that it can produce amazing shots, but is very challenging to use.

  2. johnholding Post author

    Thanks Mike, a difficult lens for sure but when one gets it right the result makes the hassle worth while.


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