Working an image

Today being a public holiday I thought I might spend a little time working on an image from our Europe tour in 2012.  Which by the way shows why we should never delete photos.

Finding a suitable image of the Vatican from a good vantage point it then became a choice of which way to process the image.  Below is the original RAW file with no adjustments.


With some vibrance , contrast,saturation and recovery from overblown areas I ended up with this


Its okay but still a bit bland looking for me.  So I decided to enhance the contrast between the Vatican and the rest of the scene.

To do this I selected the sky using the quick select tool and refined the edge to make sure that I wasn’t altering parts of the scene that should not be altered.  Then I adjusted the the sky using levels layer.

With a bit more playing around with contrast etc I then flattened the image and duplicated the layer and blended as soft light with reduction in percentage of opacity to get to the final look.  Then I just de-saturated and reduced the vibrance to end up with this image.


Now I know that this is not a very detailed tutorial I just wanted to show in broad strokes what one can get by experimenting.  Hope you like it and happy experimenting.


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