Wandering around the Yarra Ranges

I have for sometime been meaning to get out to the Yarra Ranges and grab a few shots of the waterfalls to be found in a number of locations.

So it was grab the camera bag and tripod and hit the road, which for a long weekend was pretty quiet. An hour and half later I was standing in front of the 800metre walk uphill to the Phantom Falls, good thing I am fairly fit for a 60+.  Needless to say by the time I got to the falls I was puffing and glad that I had left a couple of lenses home.  The Phantom Falls are perhaps not the most picturesque and after 800 metres uphill one would have hoped for more. Nonetheless here it is.


Then it was back into the car and drive a few more kilometres to the Taggerty Cascade and in this case there was a very nice scene on a bridge just a shot walk from the car.  I am sure that there are other very pretty areas along the trial but they will keep for another time.  Here is the view from the bridge.


And finally, for this area,  along the road until the beeches walk was reached only to find it was closed due to storm damage.  Luckily very close by was a very nice cascade that was worth clambering over a few rocks and fallen branches.  For this one I did a panoramic shot as I was quite close.


After these few falls I moved onto the Coralyn falls 22 kilometres away again the viewing platform did not allow for the most spectacular view of the falls but I am not going to go climbing down wet slippery rocks when I am by myself half a kilometre into the bush.  So it was a case of take the image from the provided view point.  Which looks like this.


Of course if you would like to own one of these pictures then drop me a line in the comments field and I will get back to you.


2 thoughts on “Wandering around the Yarra Ranges

  1. poppytump

    How lovely to have a choice of waterfalls to choose John !
    Lovely intimate cascading water shots .

    1. johnholding Post author

      Thank s Poppy, some very nice waterfalls and there are still some in the area that I did not visit today.


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