Doing something different

As many of you would know I often do high key botanicals, in fact it could be described as my signature work.  Well every now and again I like to try something different.

So today I obtained a couple of glossy black tiles.  Which are often used to produce that lovely effect of subtle reflections on a black surface.  After cleaning the dirt and setting up it was time to try this seasons Anemonies, another reason for doing something different as I did these flowers last year in high key.

Being new to this required a bit of experimentation to get rid of spurious reflections, tonal changes etc across the tile surface.  Being glossy black every little white object within the room wanted to get into the scene.  Additionally as I was using a strobe getting rid of flash glare was also a problem.  However by changing cameras and lens and light positions I managed to get a couple of shots that I liked.

Here they are:

Anemone-in-black- Anemone-on-black-

A black and White version, just because concentrating on the textures is worth it for this photo.


Last but not least a shot of the leaf skeletons against the black tiles which I think looks great.


Hope you like them.


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