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Expanding products for photographs

There are many surfaces that a photo may go on beside a wall.  Now to embark upon developing a product range of say cups and mugs or bags or even phone covers just is too much work for the individual.

That is where collective sites like Red Bubble (RB) come into play.  They offer more than the traditional.  Fine Art America along with a number of other sites offer similar products.

I have placed a number of my Suburban Botanical images on RB across a range of the product available from.  Images such as this one:


Now does this look fantastic on a quilt cover or bag,  well I think it does but then I would.  However if you want to see what it might look like then pop over to here and have a look.  If you like then spread the word.


Rail Bridge

Not much to say about this really,  from country Victoria early in the morning with a bit of fog around. Did try for an evening shot but I was too late to make it worthwhile standing on the side of a narrow road.  Another time I am out that way I will make sure I get an evening/sunset  shot from a different position


To purchase: drop me a line.

Working an image

Today being a public holiday I thought I might spend a little time working on an image from our Europe tour in 2012.  Which by the way shows why we should never delete photos.

Finding a suitable image of the Vatican from a good vantage point it then became a choice of which way to process the image.  Below is the original RAW file with no adjustments.


With some vibrance , contrast,saturation and recovery from overblown areas I ended up with this


Its okay but still a bit bland looking for me.  So I decided to enhance the contrast between the Vatican and the rest of the scene.

To do this I selected the sky using the quick select tool and refined the edge to make sure that I wasn’t altering parts of the scene that should not be altered.  Then I adjusted the the sky using levels layer.

With a bit more playing around with contrast etc I then flattened the image and duplicated the layer and blended as soft light with reduction in percentage of opacity to get to the final look.  Then I just de-saturated and reduced the vibrance to end up with this image.


Now I know that this is not a very detailed tutorial I just wanted to show in broad strokes what one can get by experimenting.  Hope you like it and happy experimenting.

Wandering around the Yarra Ranges

I have for sometime been meaning to get out to the Yarra Ranges and grab a few shots of the waterfalls to be found in a number of locations.

So it was grab the camera bag and tripod and hit the road, which for a long weekend was pretty quiet. An hour and half later I was standing in front of the 800metre walk uphill to the Phantom Falls, good thing I am fairly fit for a 60+.  Needless to say by the time I got to the falls I was puffing and glad that I had left a couple of lenses home.  The Phantom Falls are perhaps not the most picturesque and after 800 metres uphill one would have hoped for more. Nonetheless here it is.


Then it was back into the car and drive a few more kilometres to the Taggerty Cascade and in this case there was a very nice scene on a bridge just a shot walk from the car.  I am sure that there are other very pretty areas along the trial but they will keep for another time.  Here is the view from the bridge.


And finally, for this area,  along the road until the beeches walk was reached only to find it was closed due to storm damage.  Luckily very close by was a very nice cascade that was worth clambering over a few rocks and fallen branches.  For this one I did a panoramic shot as I was quite close.


After these few falls I moved onto the Coralyn falls 22 kilometres away again the viewing platform did not allow for the most spectacular view of the falls but I am not going to go climbing down wet slippery rocks when I am by myself half a kilometre into the bush.  So it was a case of take the image from the provided view point.  Which looks like this.


Of course if you would like to own one of these pictures then drop me a line in the comments field and I will get back to you.

Doing something different

As many of you would know I often do high key botanicals, in fact it could be described as my signature work.  Well every now and again I like to try something different.

So today I obtained a couple of glossy black tiles.  Which are often used to produce that lovely effect of subtle reflections on a black surface.  After cleaning the dirt and setting up it was time to try this seasons Anemonies, another reason for doing something different as I did these flowers last year in high key.

Being new to this required a bit of experimentation to get rid of spurious reflections, tonal changes etc across the tile surface.  Being glossy black every little white object within the room wanted to get into the scene.  Additionally as I was using a strobe getting rid of flash glare was also a problem.  However by changing cameras and lens and light positions I managed to get a couple of shots that I liked.

Here they are:

Anemone-in-black- Anemone-on-black-

A black and White version, just because concentrating on the textures is worth it for this photo.


Last but not least a shot of the leaf skeletons against the black tiles which I think looks great.


Hope you like them.