A morning macro

Every now and then I like to drag out one of my macro lenses and go hunting for an insect.  Now hunting for insects is best done in the morning especially when it is cold.  Why you ask, well its simple really.  In the morning the insects do not have enough energy to fly unless the sun has warmed them up.  So early is good, later on means they will just move away.

Today I decided to use the MPE 65 lens which can be difficult as it is a manual focus and by that I mean you have to move the whole camera in and out until it is focussed of the subject.  Seeing I haven’t used it for a while that was more difficult as one has to control breathing and body movement  to keep the object in range.  Its harder than it sounds as the lens has a very shallow depth of field.  Despite these difficulties it has the ability to magnify up to 5 times. With care one can produce some stunning images of insects.  Now mine are not the best and if you want to see some really mind blowing macros using this lens then hop onto 500px and look for the MPE in the search area.

now to this mornings shot:  just a common fly feeding on either water or nectar, not sure which didn’t really want to taste after Louie the fly had been eating from the dish.


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