Doing a Astro photograph

On Saturday another photographer joined me to learn about doing astro photography.  Unfortunately I picked a site that whilst looking at the map looked ok in reality turned out to be too well lit to make it really great.  Despite that short coming Tania had a ball and learnt the first steps in  setting up for Astro.

As for myself well I always enjoy helping others learn as I learn at the same time, as an aside if you live in Melbourne or nearby and want a lesson then drop me a line.  Back to the astro shot.  I only took a few and as I was more involved in  getting Tania started I did not concentrate that much on producing shots.

I did however take one with the Pentax (not normally used for astro as the lens in  not wide enough) and with post processing to bring out the galaxy centre ended up with an ok shot.

Here it is hope you like it.



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