The Alfred Nicholls gardens

In the Dandenong ranges there are a number of parks that used to be residences of the well to do from Melbourne.  One of them is the Alfred Nicholls gardens.  This garden is located on a hill and at the bottom is a lake, normally filled with water.  However the last two times I ventured there for photographic purposes I found the lake empty.  This of course did not lend itself in any shape or form to decent photographs, unless for historical reasons.

Today was different, and I knew it had water in it because another photographer I know had recently posted a picture of the lake and not the hole.  So it was time to head up there and with autumnal colours in full display it promised to be worthwhile.

Now the weather was misty rain so that was good because the wet foliage shines nicely and there are of course no harsh shadows.  In fact the sky is like one big soft box light.  This produces beautiful light across everything though it might mean that one has to use a tripod or crank up the ISO to compensate.

Now enough of the waffle: here are three of the images taken today.  Two are with the Pentax and a  55mm lens and one with a Canon with a 16-35mm at 16mm.

Hope you enjoy the photos.  Of course if you like it so much that you would like a print then drop me  a line and we can arrange the price and how to get it to you.

AF1 AF2- AF3-


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