Learmonth Victoria

Last week a friend and I took a trip to the goldfields of Victoria, seeking of course a nugget or two.  We didn’t find any.  However we did, whilst travelling through the many rural communities, stumble across Learmonth.

Now Learmonth has a fine little cafe called Cafe 321, looked after by a determined young woman who most obligingly early in the morning provided us with coffee and gluten free muffins.  Both of which were delightful or should I say all three.  Now the Cafe has a few photographic gems which the proprietor was willing to let me photograph. My mistake in not getting  her name but if you are in Learmonth do stop of at Cafe 321 and enjoy the ambience of the old weatherboard walls, great coffee and fine food.

kel3 kel2 kel1

As well as capturing a number of shots around the cafe we were fortunate in the weather and finding a nice old building that made a great subject. Low hanging clouds and an early sun made some great scenes.   Needless to say it was out with the camera and snap away, further delaying our arrival at the selected goldfields site.

derelicy-piano- learmonth-ruin

So not finding the yellow metal we did find gold of another sort:  The great cafe mentioned above and some very nice photographic opportunities.

Do enjoy.


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