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Keeping an eye open for possibilities

Today whilst doing something other than photography I noticed a few leaves that had been skeletonised.   I have been looking for good examples of this for some time.  So even though I was not on a photography expedition did not preclude me from finding a possible subject. In short the lesson is:

Always keep the mind open to possibilities for a photograph, you never know when a great subject will turn up.



Does an image work better in colour or black and white

Sometimes I look at an image and think that it should be black and white.  So how does one decide?

Well I think, and I am sure that there are many opinions on this, it depends on a few factors.

  • How close to monotone is it.
  • Do you want to bring out textures instead of colours
  • Is there plenty of detail that the viewer can explore instead of the visual hit of colour.
  • Is there dramatic tonal range that colour hides that becomes striking in black and white.

For example the following photograph in colour is very close to monotone and has lots of details and textural content so for me I would consider it as a black and white shot.  The tonal range is moderate but not dramatic so perhaps not a factor for consideration.  For me this photo is all about the textures of soft water versus rocks.



What do you think?

An evening walk along Southbank Melbourne

Last night a group of photographers who are from the Shot in The Heart of Melbourne street photography group, of which I am a member went for a photoshoot along the Yarra in the evening.  Had a ball, chatting amongst the group, catching up and having the opportunity to take a few photos along the way.

Even lent my iphone to two young tourist that needed a bit of light on  a face,  they ended up with  a lovely shot of the Yarra and a visible face.  Love helping people with photography.

Anyway I managed to grab a few shots of the Yarra river which I am pretty happy with.  Hope you like them.

looking-towards-Bolte-Bridge melbourne yarra-gondola

A morning macro

Every now and then I like to drag out one of my macro lenses and go hunting for an insect.  Now hunting for insects is best done in the morning especially when it is cold.  Why you ask, well its simple really.  In the morning the insects do not have enough energy to fly unless the sun has warmed them up.  So early is good, later on means they will just move away.

Today I decided to use the MPE 65 lens which can be difficult as it is a manual focus and by that I mean you have to move the whole camera in and out until it is focussed of the subject.  Seeing I haven’t used it for a while that was more difficult as one has to control breathing and body movement  to keep the object in range.  Its harder than it sounds as the lens has a very shallow depth of field.  Despite these difficulties it has the ability to magnify up to 5 times. With care one can produce some stunning images of insects.  Now mine are not the best and if you want to see some really mind blowing macros using this lens then hop onto 500px and look for the MPE in the search area.

now to this mornings shot:  just a common fly feeding on either water or nectar, not sure which didn’t really want to taste after Louie the fly had been eating from the dish.

Doing a Astro photograph

On Saturday another photographer joined me to learn about doing astro photography.  Unfortunately I picked a site that whilst looking at the map looked ok in reality turned out to be too well lit to make it really great.  Despite that short coming Tania had a ball and learnt the first steps in  setting up for Astro.

As for myself well I always enjoy helping others learn as I learn at the same time, as an aside if you live in Melbourne or nearby and want a lesson then drop me a line.  Back to the astro shot.  I only took a few and as I was more involved in  getting Tania started I did not concentrate that much on producing shots.

I did however take one with the Pentax (not normally used for astro as the lens in  not wide enough) and with post processing to bring out the galaxy centre ended up with an ok shot.

Here it is hope you like it.


The Alfred Nicholls gardens

In the Dandenong ranges there are a number of parks that used to be residences of the well to do from Melbourne.  One of them is the Alfred Nicholls gardens.  This garden is located on a hill and at the bottom is a lake, normally filled with water.  However the last two times I ventured there for photographic purposes I found the lake empty.  This of course did not lend itself in any shape or form to decent photographs, unless for historical reasons.

Today was different, and I knew it had water in it because another photographer I know had recently posted a picture of the lake and not the hole.  So it was time to head up there and with autumnal colours in full display it promised to be worthwhile.

Now the weather was misty rain so that was good because the wet foliage shines nicely and there are of course no harsh shadows.  In fact the sky is like one big soft box light.  This produces beautiful light across everything though it might mean that one has to use a tripod or crank up the ISO to compensate.

Now enough of the waffle: here are three of the images taken today.  Two are with the Pentax and a  55mm lens and one with a Canon with a 16-35mm at 16mm.

Hope you enjoy the photos.  Of course if you like it so much that you would like a print then drop me  a line and we can arrange the price and how to get it to you.

AF1 AF2- AF3-

A different take on Camelia’s

Another Suburban Botanical.  This time I have decided to try all white flowers.  Well all white except the centres which are a nice bright yellow.

the biggest problem was finding enough of the flowers that were in reasonable condition.  Then it was just a case of plonking them down and getting the exposure right.

This is the result.