What do you do when its cold and home is the only place to be.

Of course I practise my photography.

Today I embarked on playing around with a still life or two.  The benefit of doing still life is many fold. it makes one think about:


Light and lighting

Depth of field

photoshop skills

and of course the arrangement, perhaps not might strong point but I haven’t done many so I  am giving myself the benefit of the doubt.  No doubt you can offer suggestions for a better arrangement.

I did two different shots, one outside of garden hose fittings etc and one using flowers and baskets inside.  In both cases I just used natural light but controlled the amount of light and direction.

The inside one ended up like this after some desaturation and other adjustments.still-life

And the hose fittings etc ended up like this.


Still need to spend more time in the arrangements area but that is just reading studying other works and practising until getting the form right.



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