Monthly Archives: April 2015

What do you do when its cold and home is the only place to be.

Of course I practise my photography.

Today I embarked on playing around with a still life or two.  The benefit of doing still life is many fold. it makes one think about:


Light and lighting

Depth of field

photoshop skills

and of course the arrangement, perhaps not might strong point but I haven’t done many so I  am giving myself the benefit of the doubt.  No doubt you can offer suggestions for a better arrangement.

I did two different shots, one outside of garden hose fittings etc and one using flowers and baskets inside.  In both cases I just used natural light but controlled the amount of light and direction.

The inside one ended up like this after some desaturation and other adjustments.still-life

And the hose fittings etc ended up like this.


Still need to spend more time in the arrangements area but that is just reading studying other works and practising until getting the form right.



Walking around Melbourne

On Saturday I met with a few like minded photographers, principally to do a few street shots.  So at about 9am I headed into Melbourne found a nice cafe and had a croissant and a coffee.  Whilst enjoying that I noticed across the laneway (Degraves) was a waitress busy at the till.  That made my first shot for the day, namely this one.


After that I met with the rest of the group and we wandered down towards dockland to see what might arise.  By chance I happened to look down another laneway and to my surprise I noticed this shot, which I had seen in other photographers work but did not know where it was in Melbourne.  So of course I had to take my version and as it so happened the light was quite nice and as a a result I got this shot.


After a few more laneways and street we arrived down on the North Wharf area and I liked the way a line of new buildings pointed to a some what derelict car park,  very nicely depicting how change progresses through city landscapes and alters dramatically what one sees and experiences.  It will only be w few years when the area I was standing on is underneath a new building.


Lastly we went aboard the Alma Doepel, a ship under reconstruction.  This is a very interesting project and if you are ever down the North Dock area and the site is open then introduce yourself to the team and Peter, if he is there, will most obligingly take you for a tour.  Of course if you like what they are doing then one can make a donation to the restoration fund.

Inside the main cabin I found this shot:


So all in all a nice day out with a few good photos resulting.