There are times when doing photographs that we cannot get what we want.  Now for those following my blog you will know that I have been busy creating images for an upcoming exhibition.  These images are multi-layered photographs of music, books etc.

Well for the last week I have been trying to get a multi-layered image of a bible.  The first attempt certainly did not produce what I wanted.  So I borrowed two bibles from a friend and tried those.  They produced a couple of nice images but not quite what I wanted.  I hummed and hah’ed over the next step.  Do I pull the bible apart, all 893 pages and start again or do I just say what I have is good enough.

This where persevering pays off.  I decided o pull the bible apart (not my friends bible).  That little exercise took me quite a few hours as I carefully removed each section from the binding and then even more carefully extracted each page from its section.  This was delicate very thin paper which so easily tore.  Finally I had them all separated. So it was time to take the photos.

Using my Pentax 645z which has in camera averaging I proceeded to take roughly 447 photographs required to get the composite image.  Another two hours of careful placement of each page in a mask and snap away.  Finally a few adjustments in photoshop and this is the result.  Exactly what I was after.

The moral of this story.  Persevere until one gets what one is after.




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