Monthly Archives: January 2015


There are times when doing photographs that we cannot get what we want.  Now for those following my blog you will know that I have been busy creating images for an upcoming exhibition.  These images are multi-layered photographs of music, books etc.

Well for the last week I have been trying to get a multi-layered image of a bible.  The first attempt certainly did not produce what I wanted.  So I borrowed two bibles from a friend and tried those.  They produced a couple of nice images but not quite what I wanted.  I hummed and hah’ed over the next step.  Do I pull the bible apart, all 893 pages and start again or do I just say what I have is good enough.

This where persevering pays off.  I decided o pull the bible apart (not my friends bible).  That little exercise took me quite a few hours as I carefully removed each section from the binding and then even more carefully extracted each page from its section.  This was delicate very thin paper which so easily tore.  Finally I had them all separated. So it was time to take the photos.

Using my Pentax 645z which has in camera averaging I proceeded to take roughly 447 photographs required to get the composite image.  Another two hours of careful placement of each page in a mask and snap away.  Finally a few adjustments in photoshop and this is the result.  Exactly what I was after.

The moral of this story.  Persevere until one gets what one is after.




The last of the last poppies

I know I wrote last time, and it has been a while as I have been on holidays and been making frames etc for the upcoming exhibition at the Tacit Gallery in Abbotsford in March, that that post was the last of the poppies.

Well surprise surprise I found all of the dried out heads made a potential subject.  So with a pair of snips I gathered as many as I could find and really just dumped them down on the lightbox.  No special arrangements just let randomness do it for me and this is the result.

Hope you like it.