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The last of the Poppies

Today I picked three of the reddest flanders Poppies.  With a little bit of rearranging I finally found an arrangement that seemed ti suit the delicate stems and brilliant red flowers.  This will be the last of my posts on the poppies so I hope you like the last hurrah of these beautiful flowers.



An exhibition

Yesterday I visited the Tacit Gallery in Abbotsford, Melbourne to confirm my upcoming exhibition. So next year in March and April for three weeks I will be exhibiting a number of my photographs.  Very excited about this.  For this exhibition I am departing from the Suburban Botanical series that I usually exhibit and will be showing a series that I call accretion.  Why accretion?  A name that is usually reserved to the gradual build up of material or dirt in the physical space.  Well because these works are all about the gradual build up of a composite image made from many photographs of the same subject.  For instance today I photographed 40 pages of music, Brahms to be exact and using a feature of my new camera which allows in camera averaging I am able to produce works like the one below.

I love the effect it produces however I must acknowledge that I am not the inventor of this type of work.  However I am bring my own style and flavour to these types of photographic.  I first saw this type of work from a UK artist by the name of Idris Khan.  Now some might say I am copying his work however I am not I am using a similar technique or I maybe as I don’t know ow Khan does his work.  I am using a simple method and much reduced number of photographs ( At least I think so as I am not for instance photographing the complete works of Beethoven in one piece) so that produces a different look and feel to the resultant work.  There may well be others doing similar work but I am not aware of them.  Of course this raises that old question about copying works,  but as one prominent Australian photographer said to me when I raised this question was that its not copying if you bring your own flavour or change the way it is done.  This may include the addition or deletion of aspects to the work.  Like all photography these days there is very little that has not been done or replicated.  Indeed if one does landscape then the chances are that any shot one does has already been photographed a dozen times already.  Enough raving about this, hope you like the photo.

If you are in Melbourne and would like to see the exhibition then drop me a line and I will arrange for an invitation in the new year.