A makeshift Macro

If you have a DSLR or a camera with removable lenses then one does not need to go out and buy a macro lens.  What I hear you say you don’t need to go out and buy a macro lens.  Yes thats right.  Save your money until buying a macro is really worth while.

So what do you do in the mean time,  well it is simple.  Take the lens off your camera and turn it around so that the front of the lens rest against the camera body.  It will serve as a nice macro, most likely produce great bokeh and is cheap.  Of course the down side is that one can drop the lens, dust can get into the camera body or one may touch the lens rear elements or control contacts.  Which is why sooner or later one really does need to buy a specific purpose macro lens.  However until that time one can make do with turning the lens around.

Just to show you what one can produce I have added in a quick shot of a flanders poppy that I took this morning using this technique.  It is a bit soft but that is more from foreground objects blurring the focus area.  Give it a go and see what success you have..



5 thoughts on “A makeshift Macro

  1. benrowef64

    reversing a lens is an option and you can buy lens reversal attachments so the lens is more secure when reversed, although I would always advocate extension tubes as a cheap alternative to a macro lens.

    1. johnholding Post author

      Yes of course Ben, I had forgotten about extension rings mostly because I never used them. Thanks for reminding me. I have seen video somewhere of a person using tape to hold his lens in the reverse position, did great macros as well.

  2. suzjones

    Oh, I like the effect however I think I would be the one that would likely drop the lens. 😉 Just as well my hubby bought me a macro lens for my birthday a couple of years ago before I read this. 🙂


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