Murtoa is a small town in regional Victoria and roughly 350Kms from Melbourne.  There generally is not much on offer in Murtoa  That is until the first weekend in October.  Then all hell breaks loose for the small town.  They have a number of events designed to attract the visitor.  Now a number of those are in reality quite small attractions, such as the water tower museum.  There is not much room in there but what they do have is a very good collection of stuffed birds, it really is quite good.

For the motoring enthusiasts there is a motoring rally for old cars and such like and in the local town hall a collection of art works.  The town is also blessed with a nice lake by which one can have a nice picnic.

However there is one attraction that is unique to Australia and perhaps the world it is the Murtoa Stick Shed.  In reality it is an old wheat silo made during the second world war to store grain that Australia could not sell. It is called the stick shed because of the large number of Mountain Ash Timbers used to hold the roof up.  It really is well worth seeing along with being the only silo of its type left in Australia.  That makes it as rare as the other world monuments just not as grand in style.

I suppose by now you are curious as to what it looks like,  now I only took photos from the inside so that is all you are going to see.  By the way if you google earth Murtoa you cant miss the stick shed.

Here is the photo:



6 thoughts on “Murtoa

      1. Johann Briffa

        It’s Tolkien’s name for the home of the dwarves (a.k.a. Moria, which was the elven name); obviously fictitious…

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