I Love Learning

All my life I have learnt new things.  Sometimes through work, sometimes by reading widely and sometimes by doing and seeing new things.  Over the years I have done many things that are intellectually, well for me anyway, challenging.  Such as learning to play clarinet, doing woodwork etc.  As you know my latest venture is photography and like any human endeavour to become proficient one must practise and read and learn.  Every time I go out with the camera I am learning something new, whether it is composition, light, angles, leading lines, subject it does not matter I am learning.

How do I know well Iook back at my work and observe the changes.  Some are subtle others clearly show progress.  Sometimes I look like I am going backwards as well.  Then again that is what learning is about, the ability to review and accept that sometimes intellectual progress requires regression.  If I had to say one thing about learning then it would be “develop an ability to reflect on what one has done”

So what has this little ramble got to do with photography.  Well probably not a lot it is just that I visited a site very much photographed here in Melbourne on two occasions and I am going to show the results of the two visits.  Its up to you which version you like but for me I think that the later work shows more skill but I could be wrong.

Now for the two photos ( the later by the way scored 93.4 on 500px which is my highest score for any photo that I have put there.  You have to be on 500px to understand the scoring system and what it takes to get to the first page in popular landscapes, a score of 99.9, so I have a way to go before I get to that level but I am very happy with 93.4 so far).

From the first visit.


The second visit.



8 thoughts on “I Love Learning

  1. Johann Briffa

    I definitely agree with you. Both look good, but the second appears more deliberate and thought through…

    1. johnholding Post author

      Thank you Johann, yes I did think more about what I wanted as well as taking a few other angles while waiting for the paltry sunset that didn’t work as well as this shot.


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